Claims of “decades of neglect”

There have been negative comments from the opposing candidates running for the 2021 election in Hurley. We’d like to clarify and dive deeper into some of these comments.

It has been claimed that Hurley has had “decades of neglect”.

Through the last 25 years, the Town of Hurley has been able to develop over 20 capital funds with approximately 6 million dollars to be used for the town. This money has been saved for many different types of projects, including improvements to our stormwater infrastructure, rail-trail maintenance, and park upgrades. We have been able to do this without taking out any Bonds or raising our taxes.

The town has been able to strategically plan and save for the last 25 years because we have had the right people in place to do the jobs needed to maintain and improve the town.

Vote on November 2nd. It’s important.