Truth: The Town of Hurley Boards and Committees need to increase the diversity of its members and political candidates.

The Democratic party has not allowed qualified candidates to run with the Democratic party. One example is the race for Town Clerk this year. Judy has been working as the Town Clerk, registered as a Democrat, for the last 14 years. She was not allowed to run as a Democrat this year, after being voted out by her own party. Pat Garraghan had initially tried to run in the primary against the current Democrat candidate, but this was not allowed. These controls will limit the diversity of the Democrat candidates, our Town Boards, Committees, and the government of the Town.

The diversity of our Boards and Committees is further limited by having the friends and family members of current Democrat candidates placed in strategic positions on Town Boards and Committees. Favoritism is abounding in the Town of Hurley. Going forward, we need to increase the diversity of our board members and committees by increasing community engagement and awareness.